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Terms & Conditions

1. The Pine Forest Art Centre terms and conditions and policies are applicable to all Pine Forest Art Centre events run for all schools, students and other participants. The Pine Forest Art Centre reserves the right to make changes to the terms and conditions as the need arises. Enrolment or participation in any event or activity on or offsite with the Pine Forest Art Centre assumes agreement with the terms and conditions and policies. Every participant will be sent a copy of our terms and conditions and policies via email. These can also be found on our website. You are advised to and assumed to have read and agreed to those terms, conditions and policies.

2. The Pine Forest Art Centre is suitable for Primary School children, Secondary School children and adults. Pre-school children are welcome and catered for on Parent & Child Days and Birthday Party days. Pre-school children with visiting groups e.g., creches are also welcome and catered for provided the appropriate child to adult ratio is met with trained staff and also insurance requirements must be met. If your child is under 5 years and not in full-time education, please contact us directly to confirm that you have chosen a suitable course/activity. If your child is too young and/or does not meet our requirements for booking and you booked without realizing this, you can request a full unconditional refund on and up to the first day of camp. The Pine Forest Art Centre reserves the right to refuse a child under five due to legal and insurance requirements.

3. The Pine Forest Art Centre accepts the following methods of payment: Online bank transfer, cheque, bank draft and cash. Please do not give your child cash as we have had children lose payments in transit and cannot be responsible for lost payments. All course times and fees can be found on our website and on our brochures. For courses/events, of a length more than one day, a non-refundable booking deposit of €50 is required to confirm and hold your place. If you wish for a receipt of your application, deposit and any other payments, please request by email or telephone and it will be confirmed by email along with relevant details of the event. Any balance of fees should be paid on or before the first day of event/camp. The Pine Forest Art Centre does not currently have a card facility due to being in an area where the signal can be poor and, currently, this does not lend itself to an efficient card payment system. The Pine Forest Art Centre does not collect or store financial information.

4. Email from the Pine Forest Art Centre of an application confirming that a student has been allocated a place and receipt of your deposit or full payment plus signed form agreeing to Terms & Conditions establishes a contract. The Pine Forest Art Centre will issue a full refund up to five working days before a course begins without requiring your reason to do so. If you need to cancel later than this we may issue a voucher depending on the reason for cancellation. If you wish to terminate the contract no later than day 3 of the course, this must be done in writing and any remaining fees will be refunded.

5. The Pine Forest Art Centre reserves the right to cancel a contract and exclude a student if it deems the student to be unsuitable to the event.

6. All students attend the Pine Forest Art Centre at the parent/guardian’s own risk or in the case of adult attendees, at their own risk.

7. Parents/Guardians must inform the Pine Forest Art Centre if a student has any existing medical conditions, allergies or special needs. The Pine Forest Art Centre reserves the right to exercise its own discretion in relation to attendance by a student with an existing medical condition, allergy or special need. If the student is permitted to attend, a medical waiver must be signed and returned before or on the first day of the course with clear instructions in relation to medications and further instructions post medication. At least two emergency contact numbers are required. All medicines are to be held in the office and, if necessary, go with the bus driver morning and afternoon. If your child has an epipen, a spare epipen must be made available and held in the office. If your child needs keep an epipen with them, this must be in a separate holder that can be handed to the teacher in a suitable, sealable, e.g. zipped, bag or container for safekeeping during class with the child’s name clearly marked. Because of the country roads and distance of the centre to surgeries or hospitals, your child attends at your risk.

8. You must let us know if your child has any special educational or physical needs e.g colour blindness, autism, mobility, hearing or speech difficulties. We aim to be as inclusive as possible and want every child’s experience to be a happy one. We need to know several weeks in advance so we can assess with you how best to cater for your child. Because we are on a steep mountainside and go for rocky, hilly, forest and river walks. Collecting materials on walks is an integral part of the Pine Forest Art Centre experience. We currently don’t recommend ourselves for children with mobility needs. If your child usually has an SNA or other resource worker at school, they should also have the same help at the centre. Your SNA or other Resource Worker is welcome to attend with your child. Please note that we need a minimum of six weeks advance notice to process Garda Vetting. We can only accept our own vetting procedures as part of our Child Protection Policy. We do not allow free access to the centre by anyone who has not been Garda Vetted by us. We cannot guarantee Garda Vetting return timing.

9.The Pine Forest Art Centre will contact you in the event of any significant incident, accident, injury or illness unless it is deemed to be minor. The Pine Forest Art Centre reserves the right to make this judgement as would be expected of a person without medical training.

10. The Pine Forest Art Centre is appropriately insured to meet its purpose. The Pine Forest, its staff and contracted bus drivers are all Garda vetted. The Pine Forest Art Centre, its staff and contracted bus drivers are not liable for incident, accident or injury except in the case of gross negligence.

11. All information provided by you comes under our Confidentiality Policy and our Data Protection policy. When you contact us for information or to enroll, you are deemed to have consented to the use of your data for the purposes of the Pine Forest Art Centre’s use. We keep your information to let you know by text or email of upcoming events/courses etc. We will not share your details with any other party. If you wish to unsubscribe at any time, please send a text or email and we will remove your data. This may take up to two weeks. The Pine Forest Art Centre reserves the right to change its Confidentiality and Data Protection Policy in line with current legislation and for the Pine Forest Art Centres own purposes.

12. The Pine Forest Art Centre advises all attendees not to bring valuables with them. The Pine Forest Art Centre cannot be liable for damage, loss or theft of personal effects or valuables.

13. Drop off and pick up times are provided for each course/event. If you are going to be late you must inform the Pine Forest Art Centre. Our staff are onsite for half an hour before and half an hour after a course/event. Your child will not be allowed to leave unless a parent/guardian, childminder or appropriate family member arrives to get them. If you are using the bus service, you must arrive earlier than the stated pick-up time to ensure you get your bus. If you are going to be late for bus drop off, you must let the Pine Forest Art Centre know immediately so as suitable arrangements can be made. If you are late, for whatever reason, this has the knock on effect of making the bus late for everyone else along the line. PLEASE do not be late.

14. We may take photographs and/or video of some activities or events. We may use these for promotional reasons. We will never publish names or other personal details of children or adults who attend the Pine Forest Art Centre on or offsite. If you do not wish to be included or you do not wish your child to be included, please contact us in writing so as we can ensure your wishes are met. It may take up to two weeks to process your request.

15. We only accept our own Garda Vetting procedures. Only staff or other specifically permitted adults are allowed into the centre and/or to walk in the surrounding private lands. For the protection of all children, we do not allow any patrons to go for walks in the surrounding area or around the centre unsupervised.

16. There is a car park outside the Pine Forest Art Centre that we have permission to use. Patrons use this car park at their own risk. Patrons are requested to drive extremely slowly and to use extreme caution in the car park due to the numbers of children that attend the centre. You MUST attend your children at all times in the car park.

Thank you for your attention and we look forward to seeing you at the Pine Forest Art Centre.